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We are an integrated healthcare practice based in Sheffield specialising in fertility support, endometriosis pain management and hormonal balance.

What is Integrative Health?

Integrated healthcare

Our treatment plans are designed for you

Are you a person struggling with pelvic pain, fatigue, burnout, anxiety, hormonal symptoms, recurrent miscarriage or if you’ve been tarnished with the brush “unexplained” then let’s talk.

Our 3 step process helps you to piece together and make sense of the complex jigsaw of your health, doing thorough investigations to help explain the unexplained and offer a clear route back to health for those people wanting clarity and confidence in their next steps.

We operate by the core values of courage, conscience and clarity.

3 simple steps

We reveal the answers to your hormonal and fertile health issues. Here, we carve out an understanding of your body through the lens of Chinese and functional medicine. We may look at ordering specific private health tests for you whilst also supporting you to self-advocate with your GP.

We operate by the belief that nothing is unexplained. We work with you to leave no stone unturned to reveal the answers to your hormonal imbalance, chronic pain or infertility.

This journey begins with the initial 90 minute treatment and consultation with Clinic Director + Lead Acupuncturist, Kimberley Shepherd. Here, we deep dive into your current picture of health and health history to begin to piece together the complex jigsaw that makes you uniquely you. Followed up with a simple, restorative acupuncture treatment to begin preparing your body for positive transformation.

There is no one size fits all which is why we place so much importance on doing initial investigatory work to understand your unique picture of health.

We recover, bringing you back to baseline through a combination of acupuncture, functional medicine and nutrition. Finally giving you the space you need to heal.

The foundations of your recovery plan are outlined in your initial treatment plan report, presented to you after your first appointment here in clinic.

We reignite each and every cell in your body so you begin to not just survive but THRIVE. To lift the veil of fear and uncertainty, approaching the next steps of your hormonal, pelvic pain or reproductive health journey with confidence.

Patients that immerse themselves in this depth of healing see such transformational results to their health and fertility outcomes (Statistics + testimonials below).

A passionate team

Helping you get the treatment you need

Historically, women have been, and continue to be underserved and misunderstood in healthcare. From pain being dismissed as “psychological” or “normal” to being medicated and undergoing invasive surgical procedures to “treat the unexplained”, as with IVF.

It is my belief that nothing is unexplained. And I feel we as women are so often tarnished with this “diagnosis” as a historical hangover of us being dismissed, overlooked and underserved. Simply, we need to better understand our bodies, dig deeper to uncover the relevant cause and work in a truly holistic way to support each cell of our body back to our most vital self.

Find out more about how acupuncture and our unique approach to hormonal health + fertility support.

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From cycle regulation and fertility support to mental health and pain management, we have you covered.
Fertility Success Statistics

Transforming lives

From our analysis of 2022, Life + Lemons has a 59.6% conception rate (56% in 2021).

While every single positive pregnancy test is a big win in itself, seeing the greater picture makes me so appreciative of the work we do in clinic. It also reinforces the fundamental belief that pursuing an integrative approach is really essential on the journey to conception.

Fertility Stats 2022
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Take our hormonal health quiz which has been designed to help women of a fertile age develop awareness around your cyclical rhythms, help to balance hormones and optimise your health for preconception care.
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Life + Lemons have the utmost respect for your privacy and you can rest assured that your information will never be passed on to any 3rd party. We endeavour only to contact you intermittently with relevant information.