Abby Prendergast

Clinical Herbalist + Naturopath

Herbal Medicine in Sheffield

“Herbs truly shine as powerful facilitators in helping people to reconnect with nature and with their own unique potential to live the life they choose”.


My Passion

My love of plants and sense of connection with nature began from a very young age. As a child I would spend hours playing in forests and woodlands, enchanted by the wonder of our natural environment.

I would describe myself as being a sensitive person and I always knew that I wanted to reach out and help others in any way I could. This led me to train as a Nurse, specialising in Psychiatric Nursing, with the hope that I could do my part in supporting others.

After some time working as a Nurse, I felt compelled to pursue a holistic system where I could integrate my passion for natural medicine while working with people on a more individualised basis. My hope was to find a system which addressed the root causes of imbalance, supporting the body, mind and spirit as an inseparable entity.

While living and travelling in New Zealand, I found myself living with a Herbalist who supported me to begin to delve deeper into the root causes of my own health issues, which were manifesting as debilitating digestive discomfort, anxiety and ‘IBS’ type symptoms.

I was so impressed and inspired by this approach to healing that I decided to complete my formal education to become a Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath, which I undertook at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Ireland.

I can honestly say that becoming a Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath, has changed my life on so many levels.

Through consistent efforts, I have felt radical transformations in my own health and have found the opportunity to work through my personal health challenges in a way that enables me to feel empowered and to experience greater joy and vitality in my life.

My Belief

I believe that each person is wonderfully unique and deserves to be listened to, heard and supported in a way that honours them as an individual, with a healthcare package specifically designed to suit their own, distinct needs and circumstances.

I believe that there is currently a huge gap in women’s health care and that an integrated approach encompassing herbal medicine, naturopathy, nutrition and acupuncture goes a long way to bridge this gap.

I endeavour to support women to feel empowered while moving through the many stages, phases and roles in our lives with greater balance and ease.

My Mission

I feel a deep calling to support women as they journey towards their own optimal level of wellbeing and vitality.

I love supporting my clients through a holistic, plant based approach to health, helping them to reconnect with nature and with their own unique potential to live the life they choose.

I feel that herbs truly shine as powerful facilitators along this journey and connecting people with herbal medicine brings me so much joy in carrying out my work.

As a Clinical Herbalist and Naturopath my mission is to help my clients discover the resources and tools they need to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

My Approach

I am predominantly trained as a Western Herbalist, however my education and practice also encompasses elements of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Iridology, all of which build a deeper understanding of an individual’s constitution, helping to create a clearer picture and to shape the course of herbal treatment.

I also work with flower essences to help further facilitate the emotional journey and often add these to herbal tinctures to provide additional support where this may be indicated.

I spend time taking a detailed health history and discussing my clients personal goals with them.

My aim is for us to work collaboratively together throughout your journey and I endeavour to provide my clients with sustainable action plans and education that will support their long-term health for years to come.


AdvDip. Mental Health Nursing

Dip. Herbal Medicine

Dip. Naturopath

Reiki Therapy (Level 2)


Fire Cider Workshop
Jan 2020

Let’s Get Started

From stress relief to the perfect period, Herbal Medicine in Sheffield can help you find balance and create the fertile soil that the seeds of good health can grow from. This solid foundation offers significant and sustainable changes in the body to help us achieve our fullest health potential.

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