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“As a Nutritional Therapist in Sheffield and Menopause Health Coach
I help women create natural, positive change through menopause & beyond. Join the global health revolution.”


My Passion

Clare Shepherd, Nutritional Therapist in Sheffield + Menopause Health Coach.

No woman should be expected to struggle through menopause, uncertain and fearful of what is happening to her body and mind.

During my 30’s I saw 7 doctors over a 7 year period with an increasing number of physical and emotional symptoms, including severe stomach pains. Each time I was dismissed or offered a drug to treat just one of those symptoms.

I felt I was losing my identity, that there was no-one to talk to who could help or understand what was truly happening to me. I was feeling fearful and so alone.

A chance meeting with a friend, who happened to be an acupuncturist, suggested I may be going through an early menopause. Really? The word wasn’t even in my vocabulary!  Consulting a private endocrinologist I discovered that I was indeed well into the peri-menopause transition, and investigations with a gynaecologist confirmed I had severe endometriosis with the dramatic result of a full hysterectomy age just 39.

It was such a relief to know what was happening to me, and that there was a solution. I welcomed the hysterectomy, and the HRT patch that gave me my life back for the following 12 years.

Yet I was convinced that I’d contributed towards my hormonal imbalance due to poor diet and lifestyle, and vowed to find out how I could live my best life when I came off the HRT.

I explored many paths, studied a number of therapies including naturopathic nutrition, and always came back to the belief that appropriate nutrition for this time of life is essential.

My Belief

There is no one size fits all!

Our physical, mental and spiritual health is intrinsically linked, when there is an imbalance in one, the others are affected. Our hormones play an important part in maintaining this balance, no more so than during the menopause years when the roller-coaster of hormones, especially oestrogen, affect us on each of those levels.

While we can’t stop this natural dance of hormones, we can certainly help ease the rise and fall that lead to the severity and frequency of those unpleasant menopause symptoms affecting body and mind. Natural choices for hormone balance could include acupuncture, reflexology, herbal medicine, supplementation or talking therapies, we are all wonderfully unique, but appropriate nutrition and lifestyle changes underpin the efficacy of any other symptom management choice.

And should you choose HRT to restore quality of life, embracing these same nutrition and lifestyle changes will help you transition off the drug, and most importantly ensure you create your vibrant life BEYOND menopause.

My Mission

To educate, inspire and empower women to create their very best health through menopause and beyond, allowing them to regain control, confidence and be free to live the life they choose.

A bold statement I know, but entirely possible. Encouraging you to understand what’s happening to your body through menopause, how you can naturally those chaotic hormones, plus providing the knowledge and support to meet your unique needs, can be life changing.

My Approach

Global health revolution

You may well be wondering if this will work for you too? Well, it didn’t just work for me, twice, – I’ve now worked with hundreds of women who’ve seen positive results after following my simple step-by-step philosophy.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits all approach – we are all unique – so my approach is flexible and allows women to make their own choices.

Whether you’re on HRT, considering weaning off HRT, or choosing to manage your menopause years as naturally as possible, everything you need, the knowledge, guidance and support for your journey is provided through my Natural Menopause Road Map and Vibrant Life membership programmes.


Qualifications + Accolades

Advanced Clinical Diploma in Nutrition
Nutritional Healing Foundation 2004

Member of British Menopause Society

Co-Founder of #KnowYourMenopause poster campaign

Award winning menopause coach

Live Better With Menopause 2018

Leader in Menopause Education (GHP) 2019

WhatsOn4Me National Awards: 2015

Nominated: Most Inspirational Coach, Instructor or Tutor

Finalist: Best Beauty, Lifestyle or Wellbeing Service


Regular contributor to BBC Radio Sheffield

BBC Look North

BBC Breakfast

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From peri-menopause to the perfect period, nutritional therapy can help you find balance and create the fertile soil that the seeds of good health can grow from. This solid foundation offers significant and sustainable changes in the body to help us achieve our fullest health potential.

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