About Fertility Massage

A type of womb massage that has the intention of consciously preparing your mind, body, womb and soul to honour the growth of new life.

Fertility Massage is a beautiful form of energy work all about honouring pregnancy and supporting your body to welcome the incoming soul with pure love and intention.

Fertility Massage

Are you starting or on your fertility journey?

Fertility massage is a type of womb massage that has the intention of consciously preparing your mind, body, womb and soul to honour and welcome in this little soul and this chapter in your life.

It is part of a broader sacred service of Conscious Conception, which is a holistic approach that invites you to be in relationship with the energy of the miracle and majesty of creation itself, bringing you into the vibration of the energy that wishes to be born through you.

This beautiful massage and energy work is all about honouring pregnancy and supporting your body to welcome the incoming soul with pure love and intention, and therefore these sessions will work to prepare you on a physical, emotional, mental, and energetic level.

This is for you if...

  • You/and your partner are at the start of your journey and want to go into this chapter with intention, to purposefully create a harmonious sanctuary for your baby to grow, and to be as prepared as possible as you step into parenthood.
  • You have been on contraception prior and feel out of touch with your womb and your natural body’s rhythms
  • You have old wounds, habits, traumas or patterns that you want to clear before you conceive
  • You have experienced a loss and are worried about conceiving again
  • You are having difficulty conceiving
  • You have experienced pregnancy before and want to change the way you start this process
  • You are different sex, same sex, or a single parent

Why create the space for pregnancy before you start conceiving?

The science of behavioural epigenetics has finally caught up with the ancient wisdom yogis have always known: The time between conception and birth creates an energetic imprint for the rest of that child and parent/s lives.

Everything you eat, think, feel or remember programmes your body on a cellular level, changing your genes and DNA and when a child is conceived this in turn creates their genetic make-up and DNA.

In fact, your genome actually holds the memories, not only of you, but of your mother, and her mother before her, and beyond!

By working with your womb, soul and mind before conception you are therefore directly influencing the consciousness of your child, their health as an infant and an adult, and their mental health as you can cut the cords of personal or familial patterns that date back many generations, and possibly thousands of years.

This is the miracle and magic of creation itself and what a delicious and powerful thing to offer yourself and your child to be.

Benefits + FAQ’s

How does fertility massage support me to conceive?
Fertility massage can address the underlying root cause for your fertility issues.
Prepares the body for conception
Fertility massage increases circulation and blood flow to the uterus, supporting the body to oxygenate the blood and increase egg production. By moving any stagnation and sluggishness in the womb and inviting better blood flow into this space, your womb can return to balance and harmony.
Hormonal Balance
This potent yet non-invasive therapy works with the body ti release oxytocin, endorphins, balance hormone and testosterone levels and helps to regulate your menstrual cycle. This beautiful symphony of having balanced hormones and a regular cycle is important when you are trying to conceive your little one, as it positively influences ovulation and improves the quality of that egg.
Re-aligns your womb
75% of womxn’s wombs will be out of alignment at some point in their lives. Having a titled uterus has an exhausting list of side effects, impacting your fertility, your menstrual cycle, your digestive health, healthy bladder function and can cause painful sex.Fertility massage aligns the muscles and ligaments to an optimal health position. This re-alignment is in itself a crucial step in your fertility journey as be re-centering the womb, you are re-centering the womxn. Having a womb in proper alignment also creates a clear pathway for the sperm to meet the egg and improves chances of fertilisation
Reduces scar tissue
Fertility massage supports your body to gently, yet powerfully, break up scar tissue and adhesions that can result from chronic infections, endometriosis, caesarean sections and abdominal surgery. By breaking up scar tissue and improving circulation, fertility massage treats the root cause of many womxn’s infertility.
Reduces stress levels
Trying to conceive can be a stressful time for many reasons and whilst it is an automatic response, increased stress levels have shown to impact fertility by reducing ovulation, increasing cortisol levels, causing spasming in the fallopian tubes and uterus, and prevents the implantation of a fertilised egg. Fertility massage gives you permission to relax and relieve stress from your digestive tract and your womb space, supporting you to re-connect with your body and find harmony within.
Supports your body to release trauma
Fertility massage works with you and your body to release difficult and challenging memories, generational trauma, break harmful patterns and reconnect with your soul and body. Psychology impacts physiology! And vice versa. Working on these deep rooted traumas can create the space for you to invite in a new soul and will finally give your body the correct conditions to thrive and find tranquility.

Can I receive fertility massage whilst having IVF?
If you are going through IVF, fertility massage can be done up until implantation.

About Your practitioner

A word from Kate Morgan

Who am I? I remember being asked that question and having a million answers that fell into silence. I just am, I am being of light and love, much like you.

I was born into this world with the beautiful ability to feel the depths of other’s emotions and had the intuitive skill of being able to connect, to witness and to heal. Before I realised that this was a gift, I struggled to survive in a society that labelled me as an outcast and a girl with too much voice and heart. I began to experience a deep depression and chronic pelvic pain from a young age and was seen by countless professionals over the space of 12 years who all said the same thing: there is nothing wrong.

In my twenties I had had enough and began my journey of awakening and undoing all of the patterns I had inherited and all of the trauma I had experienced.
I started studying the mind-body connection and started seeing a womb healer who delved deep with me to listen to what my body was trying to tell me.

This potent form of alchemy transformed and transmuted all of the suffering I had experienced into empowerment and bliss: I finally returned to my body and remembered who I was and who I am: I am a woman with heart, purpose and soul.


I began to pursue my passion and dharma to combine mental and spiritual health through a holistic approach that today’s society simply forgot. I gained a PhD on mental health and began training with the most spectacular Anna-Louise Haigh in Angelic Healing and became the student of the infamous mentor and spiritual healer, John Akayzar.

After specialising in womxn’s trauma and running womxn’s healing circles, I then trained with, Clare Spink, the creatrix and founder of Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy and Empowered Feminine Therapy.

Over 10 years I have worked with individuals with a wide range of physical and emotional health challenges on their journey of recovery to reclaim their sacred selves and reach a place of healing, harmony and empowerment.

Treatment Options

Womb Massage Therapy™

For womxn suffering with pelvic pain, trauma, infertility, miscarriage or post-partum recovery.

60 mins | £67

Fertility Massage

Natural Support for Fertility + Regulate Cycles. Create a perfect sanctuary for a baby to grow.

60 mins | £67

New Mama Belly Facial

A nourishing belly treatment that supports you to reconnect with your body after pregnancy.

60 mins | £67

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