Mental Health Coaching + Guided Introspection

Encountering challenges, experiencing change and running into difficulties is an expected part of life and living, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been taught how to manage them

I firmly believe that we are our own best healers, but sometimes we need a skilled and compassionate guide to help us shine a light on opportunities for change and new ways of being”


Guided Introspection is for anyone who has a desire to reframe how they see their lives and who is in control of it.

Having a skilled and compassionate guide to help you uncover the origins of your worries, sadness and frustrations, often lets you see that you don’t need to be trapped by them.

Once you’ve taken this first step and gained a better understanding of yourself and the problems you struggle with, it’s possible to start work on how to do things differently.

Guided Introspection is different to therapy.

Therapy seeks to treat complex mental health difficulties and or past traumas. Guided Introspection steps away from the idea that professionals possess all the answers and invites you to become your own best healer through education and self-awareness.

In my work with individuals and groups, I draw on my own experience of healing and transformation, along with evidence-based insights from psychology and neuroscience, to mindfulness and communication techniques, to cultivate collaborative and meaningful change.

To develop awareness and learn new skills, we need compassionate role models, safe opportunities to explore and to practice – that’s where I come in.


• Honouring your wants and needs
• Communicating courageously
• Setting boundaries
• Healthy relationships
• Confidence and self-esteem
• Reframing your story

The areas listed above represent common problems that I have substantial experience in. Of course, when we first chat, we’ll discuss the challenges as you see them and the options available to best meet your needs. Where your requirements are beyond my areas of expertise, I am able to signpost and make alternative suggestions to support your preferred future.

My Passion

I’m passionate about changing the way that we understand and approach mental health and healing, and in particular, empowering people to understand themselves and the problems that they struggle with.

I firmly believe that we are our own best healers, but sometimes we need a skilled and compassionate guide to help shine a light on opportunities for change and new ways of being.

My Approach

1. Insight

To cultivate change, we must first become aware of what the problem is and how it’s being maintained. When we acquire insight, we gain access to ‘new’ information about ourselves, our circumstances and the choices that we are making. It’s this that supports self-understanding and provides the opportunity to choose differently, if we want to!

2. Upskill

Being aware doesn’t necessarily mean well equipped. Where do we develop the knowledge and skills to live life well? We only know what we know, but that doesn’t mean it’s what’s helpful or healthy. Once we have insight on our side, I work with people to upgrade their attitudes and develop more productive and positive responses to dealing with life’s inevitable challenges.

3. Change

Change is the by-product of continual learning, reflection, conscious and committed action. In the initial stages of change, experiencing discomfort is natural, along with feelings of hope and excitement for the future. Change should not be prescribed by others, only determined and pursued by you, in service of the life that you choose to lead!


Sessions + costs

Welcome Chat (20 minutes) Free

We always start with a quick no-pressure chat to discuss my style, availability & approach.

We’ll discuss your hopes and any other questions that you may have. You can do this by calling me on 07447 094082. If I am not available to answer, please leave me a voicemail or alternatively, text me on WhatsApp.

If after this chat you decide to work with me, you’ll be invited to schedule ongoing individual sessions.

Individual Sessions (50 minutes) £70 per session

Sessions take place in-person at Life + Lemons Clinic (Saturdays only) or alternatively, virtual sessions (mid-week) are available via

Sessions take a semi-structured approach to learning and change, allowing time and flexibility for open discussions and focussed work, on the topics that we have agreed.

Depending on your preference and identified areas for development, worksheets may be shared and tasks recommended to support introspection and self-awareness in between sessions.

All sessions are underpinned by a learning model and aim to foster insight, choice and empowerment. Discounts are available on block bookings.

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Welcome Chat
We always start with a quick no-pressure chat to discuss my services, style, availability & approach. We’ll discuss your hopes and desired outcomes and any other questions you may have.

Individual Sessions
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