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Getting to the root of the problem, helping you to restore your body’s natural state of balance. Combining Eastern Medicine with Western understanding of health.

Integrated healthcare

What is Herbal Medicine in Sheffield

Herbal medicine is a plant-based system of medicine and is among the oldest and still most widely used medicine-systems in our world today.

A Clinical Herbalist undertakes a holistic approach to illness, seeking to discover and address the root cause of imbalance, with the purpose of treating this rather than suppressing symptoms.

A consultation with a Clinical Herbalist involves consideration of all aspects of an individual’s lifestyle, health history, medications and emotional wellbeing in order to facilitate the most appropriate treatment plan, based on the uniqueness of the individual.

Many familiar pharmaceutical drugs have been derived from herbs, isolating a particular phytochemical constituent. Herbalists, however, work with herbs in their whole form, viewing the synergy of phytochemicals as vital in facilitating the optimal nature of the plants therapeutic work within the body, while avoiding unpleasant side-effects.

Herbal Medicine combines traditional knowledge with scientific research, of which there is a large and ever growing body of evidence, supporting many of the traditional uses underpinning our historical use of herbs.

A Clinical Herbalist undertakes extensive training which includes the study of biochemistry while also being educated in the safe use of botanical medicine.

It is important to consult an appropriately qualified Herbalist when considering herbal treatment alongside pharmaceutical drugs to ensure that you are working with the safest and most appropriate remedies for you.

The Life + Lemons Way

Alternative approach to healthcare

When considering Acupuncture treatment at our clinic in Sheffield, your experience will be very different to being seen by a western medical practitioner. The aim is not to ‘treat you’, but for you to become a partner in your own health, as we take you on a journey towards a greater understanding of your body and improved wellbeing.

Whole systems, integrative healthcare

Whether you’re preparing your body for fertility or wanting to transition smoothly through the menopause, Life + Lemons practitioners aim to help you uncover what is happening at the root of the issue and provide you with a whole systems, integrative approach to each treatment plan to help you reconnect with the innate wisdom of your body.

What can herbal medicine in Sheffield be helpful for?

Herbal Medicine can help with many conditions, including those related to; hormonal, skin, digestive, urinary, immune, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, emotional health and more.

Clinical Herbalists advocate for a collaborative approach to treatment with your other healthcare providers and encourage you to discuss your herbal treatment with them.

Herbal Medicine is often viewed as both an art and a science. The Herbalist has a depth of knowledge and understanding regarding the nature of individual plant medicines and a Herbalist’s role encompasses ‘match-making’ plants and people, to provide an individual with the most suitable herbal treatment for their unique constitution, condition and circumstances.

What are the other benefits to a Herbal Consultation?

A consultation with a Herbalist provides a nurturing, confidential space which provides time to have your health concerns listened to and explored in depth, creating a grounding and supportive environment, which is so imperative among the pressures and pace of modern society today.

How do I take herbal medicine

A Herbalist uses various forms and preparations of herbal medicine, including; tinctures, dried herbs, powders, capsules, creams, syrups, poultices and more. The type of preparation most suited to you will be determined by your Herbalist during your consultation and you will be given clear instructions regarding timing, dosage etc.

What we can help with

PCOS , Endometriosis, Irregular Cycles & Hormones.

Gyneacological and menstrual disorders, anovulation and “unexplained” sub-fertility are all conditions often addressed with herbal medicine.

Natural Support for IVF, IUI & Hormone Medication

Gyneacological and menstrual disorders, anovulation and “unexplained” sub-fertility are all conditions often addressed with Acupuncture.

Your mental-emotional health, sleep + stress.
Herbal Medicine has been found to be effective for sleep, psycho-emotional disorders and symptoms related to stress.

What to Expect

Herbal Medicine in Sheffield with Acupuncturist + Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Lifei Gibson

During your first consultation, we will have plenty of time to discuss your health concerns in depth. Lifei will take a detailed case history which encompasses all elements of your health and emotional wellbeing, diet, lifestyle, current medications or supplements, and family history.

Any relevant medical tests or results can be sent to me in advance of your consultation so that I can review these in time for your appointment.

Lifei  may undertake some non-invasive physical examinations, with your permission, such as monitoring your blood pressure, pulse, taking a quick peek at your tongue and examining your eyes with a special magnifying glass used in Iridology.

We will then talk through your treatment plan which may include dietary, lifestyle and supplementation advice as appropriate to you. Following this I will formulate and prepare your herbal remedies while you relax with a cup of tea.

Your first consultation will last for approximately 1.5 hours, including time to prepare your uniquely formulated herbal remedy so please allow time for this.

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Life + Lemons have the utmost respect for your privacy and you can rest assured that your information will never be passed on to any 3rd party. We endeavour only to contact you intermittently with relevant information.