Ilaria Bilancini

Nutritional Therapist in Sheffield

Digestive health, Women’s health + Fertility.

Offering guidance and support to women on their journey to optimum health + a better womanhood experience through nutrition and lifestyle.

My Passion

Ilaria Bilancini, Nutritional therapist

Growing up in a mediterranean country that has food at its heart, I was introduced to the importance of good nutrition for good health since early childhood.

But as it often happens, my real journey into health and nutrition began when I was faced with some personal health challenges. My digestive symptoms were soon dismissed as IBS, while my gynaecologist very promptly suggested I should be put on the pill to resolve my adult acne and severe dysmenorrhea. As a naive 18-year-old teenager who blindly trusted doctors and allopathic medicine, I started questioning the traditional way and wondered if there was an alternative route to get my health back.

Few years and countless antibiotic courses after, I finally decided to listen to my inner desire to learn more about alternative medicine and take responsibility for my own health. I went back to education to learn about healing foods, naturopathy, herbal remedies and this to-me-new concept of healing from the inside out.

I came to understand that the digestive complaints, the acne and the low mood and anxiety where all manifestation of the same root cause. Most importantly, here I truly felt listened and understood for the first time in a while.

Today I aim to make my clients feel the same way; held, understood and supported.

My Belief

Offering a multi-faceted approach that is tailored to you.

I firmly believe that adequate nutrition is essential at all stages of our life. However, what I often emphasise is that it is only on of the pillars of health. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are intrinsically linked.

As part of the holistic approach, it is necessary to take into account the other factors present in our life that can have a positive or negative influence in order to form a complete picture. What we consume other than food, lifestyle, internal and external stressors, our environment, any genetic predisposition and so on.

My Mission

Empowering women with education and knowledge about their menstrual health so they can claim their health back into their hands and experience long-lasting changes.
Redefining health as more than simply the lack of infirmity or disease. 

A multifaceted approach that encompasses all aspects of health and has you, a unique individual, at its centre.

I believe the challenges I was presented with were a tool to find my purpose and help spread the message to other women who are finding themselves in a similar position as I was years ago.

Today I use nutritional therapy to share information, spread awareness and empower women, so they can improve their health and ultimately have a better womanhood experience.

To get there, together.


Certifications & Accreditation

Nutritional Therapy Diploma
College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2022

Making Babies Naturally – Fertility Nutrition Specialist Course
Fertility Nutrition Centre, in progress

Let’s Get Started

From pain management to the perfect period, acupuncture can help you find balance and create the fertile soil that the seeds of good health can grow from. This solid foundation offers significant and sustainable changes in the body to help us achieve our fullest health potential.

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