Kimberley Shepherd

Acupuncturist Sheffield

Supporting women with pelvic pain, unexplained infertility + recurrent miscarriage.

Passionate about supporting strong women that have learnt to live life under a veil of chronic pain, unexplained fertility or hormonal symptoms and recurrent miscarriage. Redefining how we as women access healthcare, diagnosis and treatment.

My Passion

Kimberley Shepherd,  Acupuncturist Sheffield.

My passion for natural, integrated healthcare began aged 19.

As a young adult, I dealt with interstitial cystitis for many years. Debilitating me to a point where I isolated myself socially and suffered repeated bouts of depression as it took its toll on my mental health.

Having had surgery to break down urethral adhesions, repeated high-dose, short-term medication then low-dose, long-term antibiotics, my body was at breaking point and there was still no medical explanation as to the cause of my condition.

I just found myself being passed from one consultant to the next. No bacterial infection left me lost and feeling utterly helpless, not knowing which way to turn next.

A good friend encouraged me to try acupuncture to help reduce the pain and my feelings of anxiety. Although with each treatment I felt relief both mentally and physically, this was by no means a quick fix or a resolution to my condition. But it was when my acupuncturist explained to me the theory of Chinese medicine and how it is believed imbalances in the body surface that the pieces of the jigsaw began to fall in place.


My Belief

The mind and the body are inseparable.

My body was manifesting this chronic, inflammatory response due to repressed grief and fear following my sister passing away 18 months previously. This in Chinese medicine we believe to be directly connected to the Lungs, Kidneys and Bladder.

Armed with this knowledge, I sought a multi-modality approach to address these bottled emotions which ultimately led to the “resolution” (management to regain quality of life) of this condition 4 months later. Through acupuncture, nutrition and talk therapy my body learnt to “let go” and find balance.

Right in that moment is when I knew that I wanted to do this for other women. To help them live free from pain and provide a beacon of support when all traditional routes of care had been exhausted.

My Mission

It is now my mission to forge an integrated approach to health care, combining eastern modalities with western approaches to treatment. Helping women to reclaim their most optimal health, naturally. To help other women the way in which I needed support in my time of need.

I combine my practice in acupuncture with further training in fertility support and functional medicine to provide a highly personalised integrated and evidence based treatment plan for my patients that go beyond the needles.

My Approach


The tough lesson I learnt during this time and take through with me to my practice today is that it is never just one thing or a quick fix. It is a journey to find balance and strength on your healing journey, considering every facet of health, working from the mitochondria of the cell to the plasticity of the brain.

My passion is to redefine how we as women access healthcare, diagnosis and treatment. Leaving no stone unturned, I aim to be by your self and your personal health advocate at each step of the way. 


Certifications & Accreditation

BScHons in Acupuncture. 1st
NCA, Middlesex University, 2012

Post Graduate Studies in Fertility Support
with Naava Carmen

Post Graduate Studies in Fertility and Reproduction Medicine
with Jane Lyttleton, Dr. Magarelli, Lee Hullender-Rubin

Post Graduate Studies in Pain Management
with Dr Tan, Brad Whinsant.

Member of the British Acupuncture Council
MBAcC, 2012

Member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network
AFN, 2017

BAHons in Marketing. 2:1
The University of Leeds, 2006

Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Healing Foundation, 2016

Winner of the Best Acupuncture Clinic, South Yorkshire
GHP, 2018 + 2019

Let’s Get Started

From pain management to the perfect period, acupuncture can help you find balance and create the fertile soil that the seeds of good health can grow from. This solid foundation offers significant and sustainable changes in the body to help us achieve our fullest health potential.

Begin your journey today.