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acupuncture gift voucher Give the Gift of Health This Christmas For a holistic approach to mental and physical balance. Restore + Reset. Acupuncture Gift Vouchers Now available to be purchased, for in-person treatment. Would you like a voucher to be gifted to you?Feel...

LED-PBM Light Therapy for Fertility

LED-PBM Light Therapy for Fertility Our most comprehensive, integrated fertility programme. Non-invasive fertility treatment to increase ATP (cellular energy production) and reduce inflammation. LED-Photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as low level light therapy...

Things are Changing

Things are changing Important Info for Patients. Keep up to date with recent changes in our provision of care. It’s nearly time for me to open my doors (July!) and welcome you back into clinic. The Clinic survived. HOORRAY! And I couldn’t have done it...

Free 20 Minute Consultation

We are now taking new patients! Book in for a free initial, 20 minute consultation to explore how acupuncture and an integrated approach to health might be able to help you. In this online, video consultation we will talk through your current health picture and define the most effective treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health.

Check availability and book online by following the link below. We look forward to speaking with you soon :)


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