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The Artisans Yard, Dyson Place, Sheffield S11 8UE

Life + Lemons, Acupuncture + Integrative Heathcare Clinic is nestled away in the heart of Sharrowvale, Sheffield (S11). Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, this unique urban retreat satisfies the much needed solitude from modern living and provides a completely restorative space for healing.


How do I find the clinic?

Nestled away in its own private courtyard, just off the bustling street of Sharrowvale Road. It is located within the new Dyson Place development.

Where is Dyson Place? To the right of J.A Manns (fishmongers) you will notice a small, paved lane. Walk to the top of this lane and it will open out into a beautiful, secluded courtyard filled with shops, cafe’s and restaurants. The clinic is located behind the big “Mission Hall” to your left. Simply take the little alley down the right hand side of this building signed posted “Artisans Yard” and you will find us here within a private courtyard.

This unique urban retreat satisfies the much needed solitude from modern living and provides a completely quiet, restorative space for healing.

Parking – On-street parking can be found on Sharrowvale Road or surrounding streets. It costs 70p per hour. It can sometimes be busy so please do leave plenty of time to find a parking space. Disabled parking is located at the top of Dyson Place.

Bus – Buses servicing Ecclesall Road include: 65, 81, 82, 83, 88.

Other buses servicing the surrounding area include: 10, 4, 88

It is then just a short walk to the clinic (3-5 minutes) depending which stop you get off at.


What do I need to wear?

Upon arriving at the clinic, you will be asked to remove your outdoor gear (coats and shoes). Depending on the type of treatment offered you may be asked to remove certain items of clothing. Most of the time however, we work on the peripheral nervous system (lower arms and lower legs), so it would be advised to wear loose fitting clothing for easy removal.

How long does each appointment take?

New consultations are now only being offered online. These are 20 minutes, via video or telephone call. All physical treatments are now 50 minutes. I would suggest putting 60 minutes on your parking meter though, just in case.

How can I Make payment for treatment?

Due to new guidelines following Covid-19, we are not able to take cash or cheque. Payment for all appointments will be made in advance via card, when booking online.

I need to cancel/reschedule, how do I do this?

Please call the clinic on 0114 491 0885 or email [email protected] with the alternative time and date you would like to reschedule to.

Please note, the clinic operates a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any treatment cancelled before this time will be subject to a cancellation charge which is the full price of your treatment.

If you come down with Covid-19 symptoms during this time, you are able to rearrange your appointment until you have completed your 7 or 14 day isolation period, but no refund will be issued.

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