About Holistic Massage

 A unique Holistic Massage treatment is different to other massage therapies that combines a mixture of Swedish, Osteopathic, Neuropathological, and Rhythmic techniques, that when used together with our energy healing practices and aromatherapy goes beyond healing muscle tension.

The term ‘holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning “whole” and it is one of the most nourishing forms of ancient massage that reunites your physical, emotional and spiritual self so that you can feel replenished, restored and relaxed

Holistic Massage

Kate Kate’s unique Holistic Massage treatment is different to other massage therapies. In fact, in this 75 minutes combines a wonderful mixture of Swedish, Osteopathic, Neuropathological and Rhythmic techniques, that when used together with our energy healing practices and aromatherapy goes beyond healing muscle tension.

This is because our body remembers our past and our traumas and this can be held deep within the fascia tissue, presenting itself as tension, pain, discomfort and stress.

These memories and emotional imprints tighten our muscles in a protective reflex response and by working deep with your physical body we can release the holding patterns from the muscles and myofascial connective tissue, supporting you to soothe your emotional and nervous system, invite movement, flexibility and lightness within your body and to re-align you to your higher power.

Benefits of holistic massage

Our powerful healing modality supports you to feel a harmonious balance of all parts of your Self and your health, providing you with a deeply enriching experience that has benefits that last long after your treatment. These benefits include:


    • To relax and normalise the soft tissues, muscle, tendons and ligaments, which releases nerves and deeper layers of connective tissues. This massage therapy encourages quick recovery and greater strength, allowing you to get rid of physical pain, irritated nerves, strained muscles and muscular spasms that won’t go away with traditional treatments. It is therefore great for the management of chronic pain.

    • To relieve stress and tension. Your heart and breathing rate slow, your blood pressure goes down, your production of stress hormones decrease and your muscles relax. This relaxation reduces the effects of stress and associated conditions such as hypertension, anxiety, depression, fatigue and digestive disorders.





  • To improve mood and happiness.
  • To improve sleep patterns, insomnia and decrease sleep disturbance.
  • To relieve emotional and physical exhaustion/fatigue and increase focus and clarity.
  • To increase blood and lymphatic circulation and immune function.
  • To relieve or prevent soreness from overexertion.
  • To relieve headache, eyestrain and insomnia.

About Your practitioner

A word from Kate Morgan

Who am I? I remember being asked that question and having a million answers that fell into silence. I just am, I am being of light and love, much like you.

I was born into this world with the beautiful ability to feel the depths of other’s emotions and had the intuitive skill of being able to connect, to witness and to heal. Before I realised that this was a gift, I struggled to survive in a society that labelled me as an outcast and a girl with too much voice and heart. I began to experience a deep depression and chronic pelvic pain from a young age and was seen by countless professionals over the space of 12 years who all said the same thing: there is nothing wrong.

In my twenties I had had enough and began my journey of awakening and undoing all of the patterns I had inherited and all of the trauma I had experienced.
I started studying the mind-body connection and started seeing a womb healer who delved deep with me to listen to what my body was trying to tell me.

This potent form of alchemy transformed and transmuted all of the suffering I had experienced into empowerment and bliss: I finally returned to my body and remembered who I was and who I am: I am a woman with heart, purpose and soul.


I began to pursue my passion and dharma to combine mental and spiritual health through a holistic approach that today’s society simply forgot. I gained a PhD on mental health and began training with the most spectacular Anna-Louise Haigh in Angelic Healing and became the student of the infamous mentor and spiritual healer, John Akayzar.

After specialising in womxn’s trauma and running womxn’s healing circles, I then trained with, Clare Spink, the creatrix and founder of Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy and Empowered Feminine Therapy.

Over 10 years I have worked with individuals with a wide range of physical and emotional health challenges on their journey of recovery to reclaim their sacred selves and reach a place of healing, harmony and empowerment.

Treatment Options

Womb Massage Therapy™

For womxn suffering with pelvic pain, trauma, infertility, miscarriage or post-partum recovery.

60 mins | £60

Fertility Massage

Natural Support for Fertility + Regulate Cycles. Create a perfect sanctuary for a baby to grow.

60 mins | £60

New Mama Belly Facial

A nourishing belly treatment that supports you to reconnect with your body after pregnancy.

60 mins | £60

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