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Are you a menstruating woman and wondered why you’re getting persistent, “unexplained” cyclical symptoms? Symptoms like fatigue, migraines, pain, heavy or irregular periods, cravings, breast tenderness, anxiety and low libido, to name a few? Are you looking to better understand your hormones to optimise fertility or seek answers to explain frustrating cyclical symptoms that have been dismissed as “normal”?

The quality of a women’s menstrual cycle can tell you everything you need to know about your hormonal
and fertile health. Specifically, it’s important to look at the colour, consistency, amount and regularity of
menstruation in additional to your cyclical symptoms to give you insight into hormonal health.

This quiz is designed to help menstruating women of a fertile age develop awareness around your cyclical rhythms, help to balance hormones and optimise your health for preconception care. “Decoding your cycle will help you resolve your period problems, get healthier now and prevent disease in the future.”

It is by no means as a diagnostic tool but rather it offers you insight into your monthly health card, your period, to reflect on the things in life that are serving you and help you to let go of the things that aren’t.

We draw of Chinese medicine to help us dive deeper into this state of cycle awareness as its philosophy perfectly and poetically reflects the cycles/rhythms of nature within each of us.

What will you discover?

Your unique period profile and how to recognise when your hormones are off kilter
How to identify your specific hormone imbalances, according to Chinese Medicine

Simple nutritional advice to support your body come back into a state of flow, regulate your hormones and mitigate cyclical symptoms.

So, let’s dive right in. What actually is normal?

About Me

Hello! I’m Kimberley, Acupuncturist + Director at Life + Lemons Acupuncture clinic Sheffield.

Passionate about changing the way we approach women’s health + Healing. From preconception through motherhood + menopause.

BScHons, BaHons, MBAcC, AFN Member, Winner of Best Acupuncture Clinic 2018 – South Yorkshire.

As registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Acupuncturist, I am passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine edge. After graduating with a First Class Honors in York, I have undertaken specialist training in the area of natural conception, IVF support, menopause + pelvic pain (endometriosis/dysmenorrhea).

It is my passion to help women uncover their unrelinquishing potential by helping build a foundation of strength, wholeness and balance in hormonal health.

It is my ambition to bridge a gap in the healthcare system by bringing together specialist practitioners that work together to help address your unique picture of health. Together, we will be your partners and facilitators in this health journey, to help you find your flow again.

Begin your journey today.

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