Intentional self-development

Advice from Guided Introspection Coach, Georgina Williams

I recall a time in my own life where pleasing others, avoiding conflict and abandoning my own wants and needs, were commonplace.  Whilst these behaviours came at a cost, I wasn’t aware until I was confronted by them.

The evolved self isn’t something that just happens. It requires time, intentionality, and discipline. With the last year certainly enforcing time to be with ourselves, it’s unsurprising that our pain points and problem areas have come into focus. Whilst the process of ‘realising’ can be trying at times, it can also be a gift wrapped in opportunity and choice.

With the new year approaching and the prospect of getting intentional about change percolating, here are some introspective questions to assist and inspire!

  1. Take some time to reflect on the phase of life that you’re in.
  2. What’s happening in each area of your life?
    Is it new and exciting or difficult and mundane?
  3. What do you want to release and receive in those areas?

Cultivate the belief that you are a co-creator not a passive participant in life. Each moment provides an opportunity to choose! To choose how you respond, how you treat yourself and how you show up in the world around you.


‘’ I ground to rise. 

   I rest to expand. 

   I reflect to grow.

   I upgrade to fly”

Pandora Paloma


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