Acupuncture + Yoga

in Sheffield

3 hour event, combining Restorative Yoga + Acupuncture

Find Your Flow & Balance your Hormones with Acupuncture & Yoga

Acupuncture + Restorative Yoga Event

Join Sophia of Unity Yoga and Kimberley of Urban Acupuncture for an immersive 3 hour treatment of hormone balancing heaven.

Who is this workshop for | During your monthly cycle do you find yourself to :

  • feel irritable and down before your period?
  • suffer with severe pain each month?
  • have irregular cycles, either very short or very long?
  • have skin fluctuations before ovulation/menstruation?
  • suffer with cyclical headaches or migraines?
  • have a very scant or heavy flow?

You are not alone! So many women suffer for much of their lives and settle with alternatives that mask the root cause of their problems rather than addressing the true reason for their hormonal imbalance.

In this transformational 3 hour treatment we work with the unique interplay or hormones at each stage of your cycle to help balance and restore your body, naturally.

What to expect | We will begin with a blissful Restorative Yoga practice followed by an acupuncture treatment.

Both techniques work powerfully together to stimulate blood flow and unblock physical/emotional stagnation that may be contributing towards your menstrual discomfort.

We will open this healing journey with an online webinar a few days before your treatment. Here you will receive a little more information about what to expect along with pre-treatment advice.

You will also learn about Restorative Yoga and Acupuncture and how they can positively impact your hormones.

The Treatment | Part 1: Restorative Yoga Sophia offers an intimate introduction to the Restorative Yoga practice, we look at what works specifically for your body. Creating a nest-like environment so that you can completely rest and digest for the rest of our time together.

Moving your body and mind into a blissful state and away from the fight or flight response we can get ourselves locked into in daily life. Restorative Yoga is so beneficial for all the body’s inner systems and brings us back to our basic needs and optimum state through subtle, yet profound Yoga poses.

Part 2 | Acupuncture Kimberley will be working with specific Acupuncture points. Tailored to suit your unique picture of health, your treatment goals and where are in your cycle.

Sound good? We hope to see you there!

Where + When

Time | 5pm-8pm

Please allow 3 hours for the full treatment and allow ample time to arrive and leave. The session will be calming so it is best not to rush.

Spaces are strictly limited to 6 so create a cosy and supportive environment.

Location | Unity Yoga Sheffield Carver House,
Carver Street, Sheffield S1 4FS.

Investment | £50.

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