Self-Compassion and Mindset

Posted by Kim
December 1, 2021

Self-compassion has  been defined as the combination of self-kindness and self-connection.

Why is self-compassion so important when it comes to mindset? – I believe it’s the foundation for all significant change. Self-compassion supports the letting go of judgement and the thoughts surrounding our feelings, enabling the feelings to pass through us and the emotion to be released. It creates a deep inner connection with self, promoting self-trust, self-awareness and understanding. It can provide the ability to make clear, aligned decisions and encourage a changed, balanced outlook and perspective.

It’s therefore the foundation for good health and has the potential to support both mental and physical health. Now more than ever, we need to look after our minds just as much as our bodies.

Over the past decade, an overwhelming body of research has shown self-compassion to be a master key in both good psychological and physical health. Whether wishing to reduce stress, develop healthy habits for exercise or diet, unlock creativity, or even deal with serious conditions or life changing challenges, a strong sense of self-compassion is an essential ingredient.

We’ve learned that being kind to ourselves does not weaken us. In fact, just the opposite is true: It makes us more confident, grounded, and resilient in challenging situations.

Together, mindset and self-compassion can: 

  • Reduce anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms, and chronic pain. 
  • Make us more; capable, connected with ourselves and others, and resilient. 
  • Improve our health, personal relationships, and ability to achieve our aspirations.

The way we show ourselves self-compassion all translate into how we look after ourselves, how kind we are, how we talk to ourselves. When it comes to mindset, the things we do and how much attention we give our self-care really sets a tone for how much we feel we value ourselves.

Where do you find self-compassion for yourself?

Do you know how to show yourself true compassion?

Or, have you been surrounded by the idea of being strong, powering through, vulnerability meaning weakness, putting other peoples needs before your own, constantly considering and trying to live up to other people’s expectations – the concept of stopping or slowing down not being ok, taking time or creating space for yourself possibly as selfish, feeling guilt and judgement? 

What if you could know, and more importantly feel, that it’s ok to show yourself self-compassion and be kind to yourself? To look after yourself is not taking asway from anyone, it’s giving to them – enabling you to give to them from a better place, a place where you have more to give.

Self-compassion is a skill that can be learned through mindset coaching. By raising awareness of self-talk, thoughts, judgements, values, beliefs, and feelings, then reframing to create space for alternate perspectives, deciding what’s serving and what’s not, and where desired, changing beliefs to allow for new choices, actions, reactions, and improved mental and physical health. 


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