Womb Massage can be a powerful addition to your pre-conception toolbox as it supports the health of your digestive system, your nervous system, your reproductive system and your endocrine system, supporting all of your body in a holistic way to return to harmony and optimal health.

Fertility Massage is nothing new

In fact, it’s lineage dates back thousands of years and is found in Egyptian, Norse, Indian, African, Russian and Chinese cultures.

Fertility Massage is a beautiful and nourishing treatment that works with you and your body to consciously create a healthy environment for a baby to be conceived and grow, supporting the body to address any root causes of infertility and preparing the body to ensure it is as ready as it can be for pregnancy. A healthy and happy you equals a healthy and happy baby!

Why is Fertility Massage so important?

The first reason is that science is now showing us that Nurture Impacts Nature.

This field of research looks at Behavioural Epigenetics, which is the study of how signals from the parent’s environment, health, stress and body imbalances can trigger molecular biological changes that modify what the response of baby’s genes and DNA.

In a nutshell, by looking after your body, soul and womb, you can change the future mental and physical health of your baby. 
Taking steps to epigenetically “supercharge” your DNA before conception will give your future baby a head start in life.

These studies show that by optimising lifestyle and self-care patterns about 2 ½ to 3 months prior to conception can have profound impacts on the future of your child.

This remarkable research is delivering a powerful message: that you start parenting before you even conceive, making concious decisions for the future wellbeing of your baby.

Womb Massage can be a powerful addition to your pre-conception toolbox

Womb Massage supports the health of your digestive system, your nervous system, your reproductive system and your endocrine system, supporting all of your body in a holistic way to return to harmony and optimal health.

Regarding your reproductive system in particular, the increased circulation and blood flow to the womb can improve your egg quality, hormone regulation, menstrual cycle, fibroids and ovulation.

More importantly, it gives you permission to address stress (the common root cause of so many illnesses and discomforts) and supports you to enter a state of peace and tranquility, which in turn nourishes the rest of your body.

The second reason it is so important is that it can help work with the root cause of infertility and fertility issues.

Fertility Massage works directly with many conditions that can make conceiving and continuing pregnancy difficult, such as Polycystic Ovaries, Irregular cycles and ovulation issues, poor egg quality, infections and scarring/adhesions in the reproductive systems.

The techniques used during the treatment can: break up cysts, adhesions, scar tissue and fibroids; increase the number and quality of egg follicles; regulate your hormones for a regular cycle and ovulation window; and increases blood & lymph circulation throughout the whole body, which we know we need for good fertility, especially within the pelvic regionThe root cause of infertility can often be linked to trauma.

Fertility Massage is trauma-informed and my practice is deeply embedded in the increasing evidence that we somatically store trauma within the body. As all of my practice is engrained in strong science, I’ve deeply studied how important embodied approach to massage can allow the body to safely release trauma, giving you a sanctuary to go inward and cut the cords that link to past events and experiences that can block fertility.

what should I expect from my first session?

  • I will sensitively take an in-depth history of your physical, emotional and reproductive health to ensure that I work with your body in a way that is beneficial to you. All of my massages are person centred and tailored made so that they can deliver the best outcomes.
  • Firstly I will massage your back, then we will turn over and I will massage your digestive area, then your sacral and reproductive areas. You will be respectfully covered the whole time. It is important to massage all of these areas because your muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles, organs, and connective tissue all share the same neural inputs. This is why, for example, if there is a problem with digestion, the pain can often be manifested in your back, your abdominal wall, or anywhere in the pelvic region. And vice versa. There are ligaments that connect the sacrum to the uterus; if either are misaligned it will in turn, misalign the other and if one organ is misaligned, it will impinge on the circulation to the area, therefore a reduction in blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the abdominal cavity. The reproductive organs are also the only dispensable organs in the body and they can choose to shut down if the body is not functioning optimally, to save impinging on the body’s health. In order to restore health to the reproductive organs, all other areas of the person should be addressed. Gentle deep tissue work, pulsing, acupressure, effleurage, myofascial release, compression, trigger points and vibrations are all used during this massage.
  • Pulsing is a blend of several traditional techniques and is known as the Tai Chi of massage. During pulsing you are gently and rhythmically rocked at approximately 120-160 beats per minute, which is the same as the heartbeat within the womb. The physical effect of pulsing is that it increases blood & lymph circulation throughout the whole body; digestive transition is improved, and bloating is eased; the Fascia that wraps around every muscle and organ within the body is gently encouraged to release; and the womb, if misaligned, is returned to the right alignment.
  • There will be a ‘closing’ done by gently wrapping the cranium, the midsection and the pelvic area with a rebozo, helping to facilitate the uterus return to their original alignment. Rebozos (handwoven shawl used in the Mesoamerican traditions* ) are used to wrap the sacral area. The rebozo works with the body physically, energetically and emotionally, and brings back the natural alignment of your pelvis, womb and hips.

Interested in Fertility Massage?

Kate offers Fertility and Womb massages in our clinic. We also offer a 20-minute free consultation ahead of booking your first massage, which is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and gain a better understanding of what to expect during treatment.

You can book this and the massage itself through the link below.

* With gratitude to the traditional Mexican midwives like Angelina Martinez Miranda and Naoli Vinaver the rebozo was introduced as a cultural exchange element to midwives, doulas and active mothers around the world especially in conferences led by midwives. This ceremony/treatment brought to the UK from Ecuador by Rocio Alarcon. Rocio is an amazing woman who was trained in traditional midwifery, shamanism and, ethnobotany by her mother and grandmother, and she also holds a PhD in ethnobotany. This was shared as a cultural exchange* between the two nations, mainly because in the UK we have really lost the essence of great emotional and spiritual care for new parents and because the benefits are so remarkable.

About Kate

Womb + Fertility Massage Therapist

After specialising in womxn’s trauma and running womxn’s healing circles, I then trained with, Clare Spink, the creatrix and founder of Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy and Empowered Feminine Therapy.

Over 10 years I have worked with individuals with a wide range of physical and emotional health challenges on their journey of recovery to reclaim their sacred selves and reach a place of healing, harmony and empowerment.

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