Fertile Flow Formula

12 week online immersion to find your natural flow

and prepare your body for conception.

Ladies! Whether you’re just starting out on your fertility journey or you’re embarking on your second round of IVF, this 12 week online immersion is for you.

Do you find yourself asking questions about your body, your hormones or your cycle but never getting any succinct answers? Are you passed from pillar to post in the medical system, left chasing your tail? Do you feel overwhelmed with emotion when yet another one of your friends or family gets pregnant, and you’re still left in this world of uncertainty about not knowing what or why you’re not? Or perhaps you have “tried everything”, from eating a bowl of pineapple a day to counting out brazil nuts?

Trust me, I hear you. This is the same story I hear over and over again in my clinic with my fertility patients. Which is what has inspired this online course.

Over the next 12 weeks you will be hand-held through the most effective, evidence based techniques that both YOU AND YOUR PARTNER can implement to prepare your body for conception.

What’s more, you will be joining a community of like-minded women so you will never feel alone in your struggles and fears regarding conception again.

This is a course like no other. It is pioneering the powerful fusion between Western and Chinese medicine philosophies, insights and techniques. Your understanding of your health and hormones will go deeper than you have ever been before so we can begin healing and finding strength on a truly mind, body and spiritual level.

 So what does this look like?

Week 1 | You and Your Hormones

Week 2 | Cycle awareness

Week 3 | Nutrition Formula (Menstruation)

Week 4 | Nutrition Formula (Follicular)

Week 5 | Nutrition Formula (Ovulation)

Week 6 | Nutrition Formula (Luteal)

Week 7 | Male factor fertility

Week 8 | Supplements and medicines

Week 9 | Lifestyle and movement medicine

Week 10 | Stress and emotions

Week 11 | Environmental Toxins

Week 12 | Tests and investigations

This course in not for everyone. This is for the brave and courageous women who are willing to go the extra mile to prepare the most  OPTIMAL fertile environment to achieve conception.

It is for those women are are fed up of rifling through the riff-raff of information out there and want a clear and succint, evidence based plan of action.

It is not going to be easy as you may often feel challenged around your beliefs around health, hormones and nutrition.

And although the information is designed to be easily digested and implemented, with the busy “super-woman” in mind, it will require time-management skills and a certain level of prioritisation around SELF.


So, what else will you receive to help you on this journey?

Fortnightly zoom meet-ups

to cover any questions about the content or your personal progress. This is a great way to build a strong community of women sharing a similar journey too.

Optional Upgrade

I will be offering a 4 week IVF plan to support you through each phase of your treatment if this is the next step in your fertility journey.

Discounted treatments

If you are under the care of a Life + Lemons practitioner at the time or you would like to enhance your treatment outcomes by receiving physical treatment, then you receive 20% off your fertility treatment plan.

 Let’s talk a minute about expectations

I of course cannot guarentee that this will result in a positive outcome. Sadly, we are dealing with the weird and wonderful intentions of mother nature and the ostacles she places in front of us.

However, the course provides you with the tools to try and overcome these ostacles and challenges forced upon us. At the very least, you would walk away feeling stronger, healthier and inspired that this is just the first step.

So lovely lady, are you in?

I am only taking 6 ladies on in the May 2020 intake. Ladies who have sadly had their IVF treatments cancelled due to COVID-19 and are looking for the best ways to prepare their bodies to hit the ground running when the doors of their fertility clinic re-open again.

If this is you, I want to hear from you! If this isn’t then please don’t worry as I will be taking another intake in the Summer, 2020.


Finding your Fertile Flow

Through a fusion of Eastern + Western Medicine

Knowledge is the key to feeling confident and empowered in optimising your body for fertility. This 12 week online immersion encourages you to be in touch with your own cycle by assisting you with identifying key aspects, from ovulation to your fertility window.

Life + Lemons has a strong belief about the benefits of an integrated healthcare system to support women on their journey to optimal, hormonal health which is a central to the provision of content in this plan. We as women are so unique and you should be treated as such! There is no one size fits all. So you will be provided with unique content and support that nurtures YOU and your unique picture of health.

And when you’ve knocked on many doors yielding no answers, I endeavour to become a partner in your fertility journey and obtain all the information/support you through:

Appropriate Testing + Investigations.

Nutritional Analysis.

Appropriate Supplementation.

Stress Management + Self Care.

Cycle Awareness.

Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine

The content of this course has been structured in such a way that combines both Eastern and Western philosophies, treatment priciples and insights about health. It is designed to be a stand alone course OR it can be supplemented with physical acupuncture treatments, which will enhance treatment outcomes.

Acupuncture works in such a way that compliments all aspects of the course by:

  • helping with hormonal balance
  • reducing the stress response
  • reducing internal inflammation
  • optimising ovulation
  • optimising endometrial lining and embryo implantation
  • Plus a whole lot more!

When undertaking the course, you will be offered 20% off your fertility treatment plan, with myself. Plus, a free post transfer treatment if you’re under-going IVF. This is the most comprehensive fertility treatment plan available!


It is my passion to help you reclaim your most feminine self by optimising your hormonal health, naturally.

About Me

Hello! I’m Kimberley, Acupuncturist + Director at Life + Lemons Acupuncture clinic Sheffield.

Passionate about changing the way we approach women’s health + Healing. From preconception through motherhood + menopause.

BScHons, BaHons, MBAcC, AFN Member, Winner of Best Acupuncture Clinic 2018 – South Yorkshire.

As registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Acupuncturist, I am passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine edge. After graduating with a First Class Honors in York, I have undertaken specialist training in the area of natural conception, IVF support, menopause + pelvic pain (endometriosis/dysmenorrhea).

It is my passion to help women uncover their unrelinquishing potential by helping build a foundation of strength, wholeness and balance in hormonal health.

It is my ambition to bridge a gap in the healthcare system by bringing together specialist practitioners that work together to help address your unique picture of health. Together, we will be your partners and facilitators in this health journey, to help you find your flow again.

Begin your journey today.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s talk! Please call or email to schedule an initial 20 minute consultation about how the Fertile Flow Formula may be able to help you.

Whether you have just come off the pill and you’re begining to think about conception, or whether you’re on your second round of IVF, this 12 week online immersion is able to offer you the support you rightly deserve at whatever stage you’re at in your journey.


Online Access

After you have committed to the course you will be granted access to the online membership area.

Here you will have access to content week by week, which helps you implement all the goodness from each course and start creating healthy habits.

What's more?

You will be invited to a private Facebook group where we will share information and where you will be able to get additional support.

You will be provided with a schedule of the fortnightly calls.

You will also be sent a self care package through in the post including everything you need to support your hormones, at home!

Still Have Questions?