Meet Emma

Helping women navigate challenges whilst maintaining a sense of self

I help women create space for self – releasing thoughts and emotions to find freedom. Together we design a care package for your mind – enabling choice and change, bringing alignment, letting go of resistance and tension – to discover deep inner ease, relaxation, comfort and peace.

Emma Brooks

Certified Mindset Coach, Life Coach, NLP and Hypno-Meditation Practitioner

My passion

My ‘journey’ started about 10 years ago, when the bumps in the road of life really began – My husband’s illness, two brain surgeries, cancer, two years recovering from brain injury – loss of career, infertility challenges, IVF, depression, anxiety, breakdown, grief – complete loss of self and a long journey of discovery to put the pieces together again.

Not all the same pieces… some I’ve hung onto, but many others changed along the way. In the beginning I felt as if circumstances out of my control were changing me and my life – taking away the life I really wanted. Years of resistance, fighting the changes and not accepting them, resulted in negative mindset and a feeling that fear ruled my life.

All I wanted was for things to change, to feel ‘better’, I was trying but the reality was I didn’t know how. I had no idea what my body & mind needed (completely accepting after years of chronic back pain that these were absolutely connected). My openness to many forms of self-development had grown over the years, trying to find something that would help. The more I struggled the more I was searching for a ‘fix’. Counselling helped a great deal, but it wasn’t long before I craved something more constructive.

It was by chance that I was introduced to Mindset Coaching. I’d been aware of Coaching but only Business Coaching, the Mindset element was new. I was open to it as I craved anything that might help but that doesn’t mean to say I wasn’t apprehensive and sceptical that it wasn’t really for me and wouldn’t help with my experiences.

To say I was wrong would be an understatement! It completely transformed my life. I’ve re-connected with myself, and I’ve actually learnt so much more about myself than I ever understood before. I feel free, more resilient, at peace with my emotions, my anxiety has gone and I’m able to look and move forward.

My ‘journey’ has been a long one – my passion comes from wanting to make Mindset modalities more available and raise awareness of their benefits – to help others quicker.

My approach

‘Designing a care package for YOUR mind – with YOU in mind.’

With mindset techniques we will first create a personalised self-care toolkit. The aim of this toolkit will be to provide the space that’s needed for real self-compassion, allowing for empathy and kind self-reflection. Creating this space for self enables us to raise awareness of what’s really going on for us, only then can we see what we want instead and how we can achieve it. We’ll gently explore and gain an understanding of your true thoughts and any new or suppressed emotions. Bringing about the clarity needed to enable choice and change.

Using a combination of mindset techniques such as NLP evaluation, reframes and belief work, and hypno-meditation for deep relaxation and change,.

Together we can find the modalities that best work for you and design a bespoke package around your personal wants and needs.

As an empathic and compassionate Coach, I’ll offer support, hold space for you, listen, and do everything I can to make you feel at ease through the process. I’ll validate and also when needed gently challenge and push you with a comforting hand.

My mission

We are all so unique and our minds intricate – My mission is to offer tailored, person centred, mindset care and support packages to women with busy anxious minds, experiencing challenging situations, overwhelm, those simply wanting change, in need of relaxation, help creating extra space for self or finding more ease in understanding and nurturing what they need.

Mindset can either serve us or not serve us, and my desire is to help change mindset so that it serves. With the right toolkit I believe we can all create a mindset to best serve and support the life we want to lead. A mindset that ‘serves’ can empower us to have a new range of options in the way we deal with thoughts, emotions and the circumstances we come across in life.

My belief

I believe self-care and compassion are the foundation for change when it comes to mindset. Letting go of judgement and the thoughts surrounding our feelings, allow the feelings to pass through and the emotion to be released. It creates a deeper connection with self, encourages self-trust and an ability to make clear decisions. A better relationship with self also provides for a better relationship with others.

Mindset is imperative for good health – good mental health and good physical health. We need to look after our minds and bodies collectively.

Certifications + Accreditation

Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach

The Mindset Coach Academy – ABNLP Accredited

Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

The Mindset Coach Academy – ABNLP Accredited

Certified Time Line Therapy Practitioner

The Mindset Coach Academy

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

The Mindset Coach Academy – ABH Accredited

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