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Acupuncture for Menopause​

Research indicates that acupuncture may significantly reduce the occurrence of hot flushes and sudden sweating for women experiencing peri-menopause or menopause symptoms.

In addition to these symptoms, acupuncture may also assist in reducing feelings of depression related to menopause, difficulty sleeping, tightness in chest and irritability.

Acupuncture offers a pain free treatment with little to no side effects, compared to alternative treatment options.

Absolutely life changing…I see it as an investment in my health…

Sarah Clark


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Here is a success story from one of our lovely patients Sarah who found relief from menopausal symptoms through acupuncture…

I suffer with migraines that are related to peri menopause and whilst I have no wish to sound dramatic, the frequency and nature of them was literally ruining my life. At their worst I was taking a week off work every month and was unable to function day to day, spending long periods of time in bed, sleeping in a darkened room and relying on medication to ease my symptoms.

I began suffering with migraines in 2015 but around that time was under a great deal of stress at work and attributed them to that. Initially they were isolated events, but over time developed into cluster migraines, lasting over a period of three days, leaving me drained and struggling to function for at least the next day or so after they ceased. I had been taking Sumatriptan for a while but because of the increase sought further medical intervention. The GP commenced prophylactic medication which I took twice daily, with significant success for a good few months. Unfortunately, the migraines returned, and it was agreed to stop the prophylactic.

The true cause of the migraines became apparent once I had changed job roles and had the head space to join the dots, working out that the attacks were linked to my menstrual cycle and fluctuating hormone levels related to peri menopause. I had continued to take Sumatriptan but knew that an alternative method of managing my symptoms was called for as this was now a long term situation.

Whilst there had been some limited success with medication, this was not something I wanted to pursue again and began to research alternative methods of managing my health. I came across Kim after reading a review online by someone who had also suffered with migraines and spoke positively about the impact of treatment provided by her. I had never had acupuncture before so was a little nervous but felt that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so booked a consultation.

My first visit was hugely significant as I knew that this was someone I could trust with my health. Kim was (and is) professional in every sense, taking a detailed history, listening when needed, prompting, and encouraging me to discuss my symptoms so she could formulate a treatment plan. The process of acupuncture itself was not at all what I had anticipated, and Kim talked me through every stage, offering support and reassurance as needed. I left that day feeling more confident in the management of my migraines than I had in a long time.

As treatment progressed, I noticed an interruption in the cycle of migraines and a reduction in frequency. Weekly treatments were reduced to fortnightly and then to once every three weeks as my symptoms began to settle as a result of the intervention. I was no longer having time off work every month and was able to function day to day. I went for nearly a year without a migraine, which was more than I could have every hoped for given their previous severity.

Since commencing acupuncture, I have recommended it to practically everyone I meet for many conditions (but particularly migraines) as I am a true convert! I love coming for treatment, as it is so much more than “a treatment” from a conventional practitioner/therapist. Kim is a friendly, caring professional and I feel reassured by her, knowing that she will always do her best. The atmosphere in clinic is such that I canrelax and so obtain the full benefit of the treatment, which I also see as “down time” and an investment in my health. If I could recommend Kim more than 100%, I would do!

Three words to sum up my experience of acupuncture? Absolutely life changing!

I can’t thank you enough Kim xx

About Kimberley

Kimberley, Acupuncturist and Clinic Director at Life + Lemons, is a registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Acupuncturist, passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine edge. After graduating with a First Class Honors in York, she has undertaken specialist training in the area of pain management, natural conception, IVF support, menopause + pelvic pain (endometriosis/dysmenorrhea).

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Life + Lemons have the utmost respect for your privacy and you can rest assured that your information will never be passed on to any 3rd party. We endeavour only to contact you intermittently with relevant information.