Cacao Ceremony

Womb Love

Hosted by our Womb Massage Therapist, Kate Morgan, on Sunday 22nd May 2022 at 4pm.

The theme of the evening will be “The Womb-Heart-Throat Connection”. Limited places for this small, safe container.

Cacoa Ceremony Womb Love

Join Kate in a beautiful and nourishing Womb Love Cacao Ceremony to help guide and support you to return to the heart and connect with your womb space to a deeper level.

Cacao has been named “The Food of the Gods” and has been a powerful medicinal food used within women’s circles for centuries.

This circle is for you if you are: 

  • Trying to regulate your periods and overcome any pain, mood changes or difficult bleeds
  • Trying to heal physical ailments surrounding your womb, such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, pelvic pain, fibroids, or bladder problems
  • Trying to conceive
  • Want to reconnect with your womb more and understand her wisdom
  • Wanting to work through unresolved trauma or wounds in a safe and held container
  • If you just want to do something for yourself and invest in your own self-care

Event Details

Date : Sunday 22nd May, 2022 @ Life + Lemons Health Clinic

Time: 4pm

Duration : 2.5 hours

Price: £28

Online booking:

This will be a small and intimate coming together of like-minded women. We are purposefully limiting capacity to just 5 people to ensure you get the most out of your time with Kate.

*Please note that the clinics 48 hour cancellation policy still applies. You will be charged for late cancellations or no shows.



About Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a much higher grade than that at your local and store, and therefore is filled with powerful chemicals, vitamins and minerals which are soothing to the nervous system and help to promote a blissful, love-filled state.

Benefits of Cacao

Opening The Heart – Cacao is known for it’s expansive heart opening properties, helping us to cultivate more love, acceptance and peace from within. The sex centre & root chakra are directly connected to the heart, so when the heart opens, it is almost like a direct hook up to the reproductive organs. This means that it is easier to connect more deeply to the body and any emotions that are being held there.

Relaxation & De-Armouring – Cacao floods the nervous system with endorphins which bring relaxation, pleasure and decreased pain to the body. She actually acts like a natural morphine! This is really powerful when exploring de-amouring or self-touch to your sex centre or womb space, which can often hold pain or tension when trauma has been experienced.

Orgasmic Energy & Bliss Molecule – Cacao contains anandamide which is considered the ‘Bliss Molecule!’ This molecule fills the body full of a yummy pleasure-state that is felt when you have made love to a partner, or had a deep love-filled connection. This is a really powerful molecule that can enable you to feel noticeable orgasmic states within the body, which is a beautiful way to work with numbness or if you have lost touch with your sexuality.

Mental Clarity & Revelations – The dopamine in the Cacao helps to stimulate clarity, focus and motivation. I have found that her medicine has been so powerful in helping me to get to the root cause of triggers or wounding – to shed light and bring aha! moments and revelations.

Heart-Felt Sharing & Communication – Cacao helps with authentic communication from the heart. It is a potent way to shift energy, release shame and to let yourself be seen, heard and held.

Fertility – Cacao ceremonies have been also traditionally used during marriage as it is said to support fertility between couples

**Please note : Cacao is safe for pregnancy – you will however receive a smaller dose**

About Kate

Womb + Fertility Massage Therapist

After specialising in womxn’s trauma and running womxn’s healing circles, I then trained with, Clare Spink, the creatrix and founder of Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy and Empowered Feminine Therapy.

Over 10 years I have worked with individuals with a wide range of physical and emotional health challenges on their journey of recovery to reclaim their sacred selves and reach a place of healing, harmony and empowerment.

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