Relaxation Therapy for Your Mind

Posted by Emma
December 1, 2021

Relaxation refers to a state of body and mind that is free from tension, stress and anxiety. It’s an exceptionally important part of self-care, helping you look after your well-being.

For some, relaxation can be achieved through performing specific exercises and techniques. For others, relaxation therapies and complementary therapies prove to be more effective.

By experimenting with different techniques and therapies, everyone can discover their preferred method of relaxing and building resources to best alleviate stress and anxiety.

Life comes at us from all angles and at no point are we taken on one side and shown how to ‘let go’ of all tensions.

However, it’s imperative to learn how to calm the mind and turn down the volume of busy life and create a peaceful space from which to manage and evaluate life.

I remember when I used to try to relax, often feeling as though I was forcing it. Judgement would come in when I struggled… ‘is it only me that can’t relax?’, ‘why is it me?’, ‘what’s wrong with me?’. It’s now a resource that I’m fortunately able to tap into when I need to.

Relaxation is internal, it’s inside you. But, as with many other things, we often find ourselves looking externally for it. There are typical activities associated with relaxation, such as taking a bath, listening to music, reading a book, watching TV, but these acts often relax your body without really relaxing your mind.

The surroundings of a bath for example could most definitely be relaxing, the water may sooth aching muscles, but if you are unable to quiet the mind and go within, you’ll never reach those levels of true relaxation for the mind. You’ll reach a level of relaxation that only goes so far, it won’t dissipate anxiety and stress to really give you what you need.

Mindset coaching and hypnotherapy can both give you the tools to create more ability and less fear about going inside yourself. Really internalising and connecting to self; to create a space where true relaxation becomes a natural resource. One that you can tap into whenever and wherever you want to.

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About Emma

Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner + Hypnotherapist.

Designing tailored, person centred self-care and mindset support packages and sessions for women going through challenging situations, living busy stressful lives, or simply wanting change. Whether you have a busy anxious mind or need help creating extra space for self. With mindset techniques and tools such as NLP evaluation and awareness, Hypnotherapy for deep relaxation and change and EFT for finding emotional calm and freedom we can create a mindset that best serves you and your desires.

‘Helping women navigate challenges whilst maintaining a sense of self’.

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