Slow Down to Tune in

Simple Seasonal Support from Our Hypnotherapist, Emma Brooks

Slowing down is so important for self-care. Looking after yourself, being kinder and allowing for self-compassion are all key in maintaining a healthy mindset.

So many of us don’t feel like we have time for ourselves – time to give ourselves what we really need; whether that be time to relax, to reflect, to really get to know what we think, to understand what we really want or to create space for our feelings.

We need to slow down to tune in.  To create calm and space within busy anxious minds.

Moments to pause.

Moments to reconnect.

Moments to discover self.

Being fully present and intentional with your time allows you to embrace the wholehearted moments that are right in front of you every day.

Take time to consider what your slow moments are, whether that’s going outdoors for a walk or simply being in nature, time with family, learning to meditate, or just moments to take long deep breaths during the day.

Do you have that voice coming in saying, I don’t have time to slow down?

We put so much pressure on ourselves and often we’re the only ones doing it – and we’re the only ones that have the power to change – to choose something different. We want to be great at everything – great mums, wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, employees, leaders, business owners. We think we need to live up to the social pressure, maybe even family pressure of being more, doing more, giving to everything, to everyone.

We’re so in tune with what we think the world needs from us, we’re unable to tune into what we need and want for ourselves. We don’t recognise the physical symptoms when they crop up, we don’t even recognise the emotions, we don’t allow them enough space for consideration, so it feels easy to push them down, to neglect them. We become so passive about them and deny what’s going on within us – we can deny ourselves completely.

Even taking a breath sometimes can be denied. Our breathing becomes shallow under stress, creating tension in our bodies and adding to feelings of anxiety in our minds. Deep breaths send signals to our minds that we are safe.

Some might find it easy to slow down with a little raised awareness and gentle persuasion. Others might find it hard. It can take some mindset shifts to realise that slowing down is a choice. Some may not feel it’s a choice they’re able to take, some need help in simply knowing it’s ok, some may need help in understanding what’s holding them back from giving themselves what they really need.

What if all that pressure could be lifted?

What if you could truly believe that slowing down would mean you’d achieve more – more of what really matters?

The mindset shifts enabled through coaching, supports you in finding your way to slow down and build up the resources you need to maintain a healthy mindset.

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Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner + Hypnotherapist.

Designing tailored, person centred self-care and mindset support packages and sessions for women going through challenging situationsliving busy stressful lives, or simply wanting change. Whether you have a busy anxious mind or need help creating extra space for self. With mindset techniques and tools such as NLP evaluation and awarenessHypnotherapy for deep relaxation and change and EFT for finding emotional calm and freedom we can create mindset that best serves you and your desires.

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