Adam Siu: Physiotherapist
”Empowering you with knowledge and practical skills to improve your pain and function”.

About Adam

Adam is a registered Physiotherapist with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and a member of The Health and Care Professions (HCPC) Council…

Hello, I am Adam Siu Owner of Down2u Physiotherapy. I have 10 years clinical experience working in various settings e.g. NHS, Sport (Rugby league – Sheffield Eagles and Castleford Tigers) and Occupational health within different industries.

I was the Force Physiotherapist for South Yorkshire Police helping prevent and rehabilitate injured officers to get back on to front line.

My approach

Through my experience I have developed a physiotherapy approach to help clients understand their condition and together form long lasting strategies to overcome their pain and restrictive movements.

I believe that my holistic approach can help improve function and mindset to clients at any age (my oldest client is 86).

I have a solution based approach to chronic pain, in my opinion there are always options to improve your health and wellbeing status.

Treatment can include:

-Deep and soft tissue massage
-Trigger point release
-Joint manipulation
-Biomechanical analysis
-Functional restoration programming
-Work hardening programme
-Foam roller and massage ball techniques
-Education and exercise prescription
-Postural training and correction
-Work advice to assist returning to full duties
-Return to play sport programs
-Strength and conditioning

My Objective

I have developed clinical skills to assess and treat any acute and chronic pain with a holistic approach, considering the social, mental, emotional and physical factors which could be contributing to your symptoms.

The main objective is to improve your physical and mental resilience to live life without restrictions.

What I offer

D2U Physiotherapy

The initial free consultation will explore what is the underlying cause of your symptoms, delving into the social, mental, emotional and physical factors.

On completion of the verbal consultation, there will be a thorough physical examination to confirm the initial diagnosis, followed by treatment (e.g. manual therapy, education, self-help techniques). By the end of the session, you will have a clear diagnosis and practical tools to help yourself improve.

Follow up sessions will consolidate the learning from the previous consultation, review progress/setbacks and provide additional treatments to further improve yourself.

Average 3-4 sessions per person depending on the complexity of your case.


-Free 10 minute consultation
-Initial Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment 60Mins – £70.00
-Follow Up sessions 50mins – £60.00