Acupuncture for PCOS

Posted by Kim
January 17, 2020

A Patient Success Story

Affordable, effective and dynamic approach to stress & anxiety relief.

Acupuncture for PCOS + an-ovulation! Today’s success story from a wonderful patient I’ve been working with over the past few weeks 🙂

“I just wanted to feedback on how effective the moxa was last night-having been spotting on/off for about 6 days since stopping clomid, it stopped instantly after our session yesterday and I haven’t had any since!

I’ve also been doing ovulation tests this week-i haven’t used them in a while since I never found myself with a positive result following my miscarriage. For the FIRST TIME EVER I have had a positive ovulation test all by myself today!! In the past year, this has only ever happened with Clomid (and only twice out of 6 rounds) :). Ive always felt that acupuncture is way more effective than the medications prescribed in inducing ovulation for me, but now I have the proof!

I feel positive that regardless of whether I conceive this cycle, my body is able to do what it needs-after my miscarriage I really lost trust/confidence in my body’s ability to do what it needs to but acupuncture has really helped me to regain that confidence.”

Moxa (Chinese herb) is used so often in women’s health and can stop mid-cycle spotting so quickly, by stimulating Spleen Yang and boosting its energetic capacity to hold Blood and raise Qi.

Myself and this patient have been working together over the past month alongside some fantastic changes in diet and nutrition to help establish her first NATURAL ovulatory cycle!

The road to fertility can be long with so many highs and lows but these significant, measurable changes to the cycle mean that your body is coming back into balance. Creating an optimal environment not just to get that positive test but to maintain and sustain a healthy pregnancy, naturally.

If you are suffering with similar cyclical symptoms such as irregular ovulation or mid-cycle spotting and have tried lots of different techniques with very little effect, please do reach out. I’d be happy to talk to you about the benefits of a natural, integrated treatment approach to cycle health.



” I wish I could give 100 stars! I love everything about Life + Lemons.
It is a wonderful experience every time and I look forward to my acupuncture treatment every week.

Kimberley is very knowledgeable and has helped my PCOS symptoms so much already “

About Kimberley

Kimberley, Acupuncturist and Clinic Director at Life + Lemons, is a registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Acupuncturist, passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine edge. After graduating with a First Class Honors in York, she has undertaken specialist training in the area of pain management, natural conception, IVF support, menopause + pelvic pain (endometriosis/dysmenorrhea).


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