Moxa for Immune Function

Support your immunity, naturally.

Natural remedy for boosting immunity + internal resilience.

The purpose of moxibustion is to stimulate the flow of Qi, strengthen the Blood and maintain general health.

Moxa for Immune Function

Boost your immunity with moxibustion, an ancient practice used widely today in Chinese Medicine.

Moxibustion is a technique that involves the burning of mugwort (Artemisia argyi Folium) which is an herb that facilitates healing. It is then burned on or near the skin to stimulate specific acupuncture points or channels and has many healing benefits.

The purpose of moxibustion is to stimulate the flow of Qi (pronounced “chee”), strengthen the blood and maintain general health.

Moxa has been used as a treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. In fact, the second part of the name for acupuncture in the Chinese language (zhen jiu) means literally, “needle moxa”.

It can be applied directly to the skin, at the end of a needle, or above the skin. While acupuncture needles direct energy and physical resources, moxa adds energy of its own into the body.

Moxa is a very safe treatment with few risks and side effects.

Benefits of Moxibustion

Immune Boosting

Moxibustion can help to increase immune function. Studies have shown moxibustion significantly increases the white blood cell count in the body, which is the major component of the immune system. Moxa strengthens the immune system and helps re-balance autoimmune diseases.

Which acupuncture points will help immune function?

Moxibustion has been used to boost the immune system for centuries. According to classic Chinese medicine texts, applying  moxibustion at Zusanli (ST36, bilaterally) and Dazhui (GV14) once per day for five minutes at each acupoint is an efficient way to boost the immune system. 6

Zusanli (ST36) is one of the most famous acupuncture points. According to legend, a weary traveler (during the time when travel was predominantly on foot) would moxa Zusanli and become energized enough to be easily complete many long journeys. 6

From a Chinese Medicine standpoint, moxibustion on Zusanli increases our body’s ability to absorb the nutrients, improves our energy, and ultimately boosts our immune system. 6

The Science

Scientific research has been done in order to investigate the regulative effect of moxa-cone moxibustion on the phagocytic function of macrophages and provide experimental data for the study of other moxibustion methods. A group of 130 mice were divided into a normal control group – a moxibustion group- a hypoimmune-model group, and a hypoimmune-plus-moxibustion group.

Flow cytometry and smear examination were adopted to observe phagocytosis of macrophages in these groups. The results showed that moxa-cone moxibustion on acupoint Dazhui (Du14) exerted a marked increase on phagocytosis of macrophages in the mice.

The study reported that moxibustion on Dazhui (Du14) can strengthen the respiratory function including allergy cases.

Some researchers’ results showed that moxibustion of Dazhui (GV14) can restrain the secretion of interleukin 4 (IL-4), relieve the inflammatory reaction of immunoglobulin E (IgE), and enhance the ratio of interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) to IL-4 in asthmatic rats, which presents an increased tendency of the curative effect along with the extension of the treatment time from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

Other Benefits

Warming the Channels

Moxibustion helps conditions that are worsened by cold, like arthritis. Moxa treats any pain that is worse with cold or wet weather. Injuries sustained while in a cold climate like skiing accidents or nerve damage by cold respond very well to moxibustion.

Managing Inflammation

Moxibustion manages inflammation from both infection and trauma by stimulating the circulatory system. Specifically, moxibustion increases white blood cell counts. Fresh blood enters the tissue and flushes out old blood and toxic byproducts of inflammation.

Building Blood

Moxa adds energy of its own to the body and in doing so it stimulates the body to make more red blood cells. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) terms, moxa “builds blood”. This technique is used to treat symptoms of blood deficiency such as dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, hair loss, anemia, postpartum depression and more.

Immune Drop-in Clinic, Sheffield S11.

Creating the first line of defence in your immune system is about having a strategy to you health. It is about planning — by nurturing your body and mind you can help create the optimal internal environment to help build immune resilience and protect yourself from seasonal bugs and viruses.

Acupuncture, moxa and herbal medicine offer immune support and natural defence against these seasonal insults to our health. By supporting and strengthening your body in optimal health BEFORE you get sick.

Abby (Naturopath) and Kimberley (Acupuncturist) of Life + Lemons Integrative Health Clinic are offering special drop in treatments this March, focused on supporting immunity and building resilience 🙂

Each treatment is 80 minutes long and includes:

-40 minutes Acupuncture + Moxibustion
-40 minutes Herbal Medicine + Naturopathic consultation
-A weeks supply of herbal medicine, formulated uniquely for you, with a focus on supporting immune health and building strength.

The total cost for the full treatment package is £65.

Just follow this link to book in:

Saturdays 3-630pm. Booking essential.

We’re looking forward to seeing you! 🙂

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