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Natural, take-home techniques for combatting Depression, Irritability & Frustration
Irritability, anger, depression, mood swings – all signs that your Liver may be out of kilter. The Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is directly related to Spring, which is why we often see these emotional imbalances at this time of year.

These symptoms are exacerbated by too much fat, chemicals, intoxicants, alcohol and denatured food in our diet, leading to stagnation and heat throughout the body. This then has a huge impact on the way the other organ systems in the body operate, leading to a myriad of health complaints e.g. IBS, vomitting, insomnia, over/under eating, migraines and PMS.

However, a healthy Liver establishes a smooth and soothing flow of energy, in both body and mind. When the Liver is harmonious, there is never stress or tension and you are able to make strong decisions… If only, hey!

Acupuncture is so powerful at smoothing the Liver and helping you overcome these physical and emotional imbalances. However, I also offer my patients simple, effective, take-home techniques to smooth their own Liver to create sustainable, positive changes in their life and their health.

Download a little taster of the Urban Diet/Lifestyle Sheet for helping you heal your liver below, or click on the links to the right to learn more about how acupuncture can help with emotional imbalances.

How Can acupuncture help?

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Smooth your liver Qi

Tips + Techniques



Breast issues (Lumps, Swellings, Mastitis)
Distended abdomen, chest or breasts
Menstrual problems
Rigid inflexible body
Eye problems
Tendon problems
Emotional anger, frustration, resentment, impatience, depression, mood swings, difficulty in making decisions, negativity


Cooking methods: Raw foods, cooling foods. Avoid in-between meal snacking and have a smaller, final meal of the day.

Lifestyle: Mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Avoid smoking and drinking.

Diet: Eat less food in general. Also reduce greatly your intake of saturated fats (animal products, meat etc.), hydrogenated fats (margarine, rancid oils), nuts and seeds, chemicals in food and water, alcohol, processed and refined foods. These all stagnate and damage the Liver. Too much pungent or spicy food can also stimulate too much heat and cause the Liver Qi to flow wrecklessly.



About Kimberley

Kimberley, Acupuncturist and Clinic Director at Life + Lemons, is a registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Acupuncturist, passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine edge. After graduating with a First Class Honors in York, she has undertaken specialist training in the area of pain management, natural conception, IVF support, menopause + pelvic pain (endometriosis/dysmenorrhea).


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