LED-PBM Light Therapy for Fertility

Posted by Kim
June 15, 2020

Non-invasive fertility treatment to increase ATP (cellular energy production) and reduce inflammation.

LED-Photobiomodulation (PBM), also known as low level light therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive and restorative light therapy treatment that uses specific coloured wavelengths to stimulate circulation. But most importantly, it drives ATP production therefore supporting the cells deepest energy reserves and consequently supporting follicular growth and recruitment.

Benefits of Light Therapy for Fertility

LED-PMB over soft tissue triggers nitric oxide increases which help in the formation of vascularisation. Increased vascularisation means an increase in blood blow, increase in nutrient delivery to the tissue and therefore an increase in cellular health.Improved collagen proliferation. There are studies that prove collagen is an essential nutrient for the ligaments that support your uterus.ATP is the major carrier of energy in all cells. A lack of energy can be a contributing factor to recurring miscarriage and may be an underlying cause of chronic inflammation and immune disorders.Lymph is responsible for transporting waste and toxins out of the body. It’s so important to keep lymph fluids moving for good health otherwise these waste products become stuck and stagnant.

The flow of the lymph system can be doubled with the use of Light Therapy. A sluggish lymphatic system can contribute to chronic inflammation, immune disorders, which in turn can harm fertility.

The combination of light frequencies helps to soften and break down scar tissue following invasive surgeries or infection.

Following surgery, infection or gynaecological factors such as PID, PCOS and Endometriosis, LED-PBM works to reduce inflammation in the pelvic cavity.

How LED-PBM is Used with your Fertility Treatment

Before Egg Collection

As this form of light therapy can help increase ATP production (your natural energy reserves in your cells) it can support follicular growth and development. For this reason, some women might choose to have LED-BPM throughout their stimulation (follicular) phase.

>> Read more about the importance of ATP production + fertility here <<

After Egg Collection

As IVF egg collection is considered an “invasive” and often painful procedure, this form of therapy administered after egg collection can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and assist in the body’s healing response.

It is thought that by improving healing time, it may help prepare the body for transfer and therefore support implantation.

How does it work?

During LED Therapy, photons of light energy enter the body as negative ions. This requires the body to emit positive ions, like calcium among others, in the area being treated. These ions assist in firing nerves, thereby relieving pain and reducing the excitability of nervous tissue.  This may assist your fertility, especially after egg collection / pre-transfer when you want a calm, nurturing environment for implantation.

More information about the studies and how light therapy has been clinically proven to support fertility below. But first, let’s briefly explore the power of light and what makes LED-PBM so unique.

The Power of Light

LED-PBM is based on the principle that living cells are able to absorb and are influenced by light and the treatment has long been recognised for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties.

While we often associate light exposure with skin ageing and damage, light also has many positive influences on the body. It helps us produce vitamin D and provides energy and serotonin and can also accelerate our skin’s natural repair processes.

The differences between the positive and negative effects of light are the amount and the parts of the light spectrum we are exposed to. On-going exposure to UV is very damaging but controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial.

The effects of LED Phototherapy are a natural response similar to that of plant photo-synthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation. (BPM)

These three light frequencies used are Blue, red and near infrared (NIR).

Acu-Light Fertility Protocol

Combining the best of pre-conception acupuncture support with LED-Photobiomodulation. Creating an environment that supports the body’s ability to self regulate and thrive, including optimal fertility.

The Life + Lemons approach is to support the body’s innate ability to heal and to self-regulate. This works alongside your current acupuncture treatment plan where diet, lifestyle, stress and sleep may also be a consideration.

During this 12 week programme, we are working to support optimal egg quality, reduce any internal scar tissue or chronic inflammation.

These are 60 minute treatments whereby we have a short consultation followed by your acupuncture treatment, tailored to where you are in your cycle. This is then followed by 20 minutes of light therapy placed over the lower abdomen.

What does each week look like?

Phase 1 | Follicular Phase

4 x 60 minute treatment

Phase 2 | Luteal Phase

2 x 60 minute treatment

These are incredibly relaxing treatments as the warm glow of the light penetrates deep into the uterus.


Simple! Book a free initial 1-2-1 consultation online to assess if this is right for you. Consider it a discovery call. Please note, I’m currently only taking 8 fertility patients on, using this 12-week acu-light fertility protocol due to a limitation of my time. So please reach out to me if you are interested.

Absolutely, it’s encouraged 😉

Absolutely! We would use a different ART protocol specifically to support you in the run up and throughout your fertility treatment. Please get in touch for more details and we can schedule a free 1-2-1 dicovery call to see if it’s right for you.

You move to what I call a maintenance plan which is less intense than the Acu-Light protocol. It’s encouraged to maintain regular fertility acupuncture treatments, but we would also investigate further as to what was going on.

There are 3 different price plans depending on how the time/financial commitment you can make and the underlying health condition that may be contributing towards your fertility.

Light | 4 x acu-light treatments per month for 3 months.

Gold | 6 x 60 minute acu-light treatments per month for 3 months. A 60 minute natural fertility blueprint call + 30 minute review.

Inner Circle | This is reserved for those ladies wanting to go all in. You will be invited to do the 12 week “The Fertile Flow Formula” alongside your acu-light treatments.

The Evidence

Until recently, Western reproductive medicine has traditionally maintained that ageing and declining egg quality is an irreversible process.

However, ground-breaking research with low level light therapy conducted in Denmark and Japan is showing that it may be possible to improve egg quality, slow down the ageing process and significantly improve fertility in women and men.

The studies show that low level laser therapy (LLLT) used on acupuncture points on the neck and over the ovaries appears to enhance mitochondrial activity and ATP production, increase blood flow and helps to reduce oxidative damage.

We see enormous potential in this research for women who are struggling to conceive—particularly those who are of advanced maternal age, diagnosed with poor egg quality or have been diagnosed with endometriosis and PCOS.

All our cells are powered by little structures called mitochondria. Eggs have about 200 times more mitochondria than any other cell.

When eggs are developing, they use a tremendous amount of energy. And early embryo division and implantation requires lots of energy. After 35 years, the mitochondria wear down. At age 40, nine out of 10 eggs are abnormal.

Studies show that the mitochondria of older eggs is capable of producing significantly less ATP, which is the source of cellular energy. This has a significant impact on fertility, as the rate of division and successful implantation of embryos has more to do with how much energy (ATP) than with maternal age per se.

Consequentially, the capacity of the cold laser to improve the ATP production of eggs has a potentially dramatic effect on their viability.

Furthermore, it is known that older follicles have fewer defenses against cellular damage caused by oxidative stress, and that this is related to poorer IVF outcomes.

Studies suggest that LLLT treatment could also help with this condition, along with other complications, which impede fertility later in life.

Increasing energy level (ATP) in the cells, improved blood circulation, softening of scar tissue and a reduction in inflammation.

These factors are all beneficial to female reproduction in general and to the receptivity of uterine lining.

The recent studies in Japan and clinical results in Denmark have delivered very promising results in this direction.

The Danish report showed that LLLT had a pregnancy rate of 66% success for women after at least 4 years of failure with other ART methods. LLLT studies have also pointed to the efficacy of laser treatment in raising the quality of the male partner’s semen in particular motility.

Similarly, the Japanese studies have shown a connection between improved fertility and laser therapy, concluding that even in low doses, laser therapy can help improve the woman’s chances of conception.

Under the direction of Dr Toshio Ohshiro at Sanno Hospital, an extended trial on LLLT was performed in 701 infertile patients, 156 (22.3%) of whom became pregnant.   This resulted in a successful live birth rate in over half (50.1%) of those pregnancies.

Find Out more about LED-PBM + Acupuncture

Drop us an email and we will get back to you shortly!

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