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Read more about the proven benefits of acupuncture through published media articles, plus links to acupuncture, health and fertility information sites.

Acupuncture + Traditional Chinese Medicine

British Acupuncture Council

The largest UK body for professional Acupuncturists. Information on training, safe practice and latest research.

Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
and Acupuncture UK

Regulatory body for Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tuina in the UK.

Journal of Chinese Medicine

The Journal of Chinese Medicine is the foremost English language journal on all aspects of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary medicine and Chinese medical history and philosophy.

Northern College of Acupuncture

Independent Acupuncture college based in York offering Acupuncture training.

Facial Acupuncture


Further information about Facial Acupuncture from leading specialist Virginia Doran.

Fertility + Pregnancy

Birth Choice

Provides useful information about maternity and pregnancy. This website explains the options for where to have your baby and whom you choose to look after you in labour, giving information to help you make those choices. It also contains other information you may need to know during early pregnancy, including links to other websites, suggested reading and how to book antenatal classes.

British Fertility Society

A national multi-disciplinary organisation representing professionals practising in the field of reproductive medicine.

Care Independent Fertility Clinics

Care is one of the UKs largest independent providers of assisted conception having clinics at 10 locations throughout the UK including Sheffield, Nottingham and Manchester. They are consistently in the top 10 in the HFEA patient guide. Their site has a bulletin board where you can discuss with others topics related to assisted conception.

Donor Conception Network

A self-help network of over 1600 families created with the help of donated eggs, sperm or embryos. Aims to deal with a range of issues around donor conception and provides workshops, booklists and personal stories.

Endometriosis UK

Is a self help charity aiming to increase awareness and understanding about endometriosis. For an annual membership fee of £20 lots of information is provided including a quarterley members magazine, an annual Information Day plus free fact sheets, leaflets and information packs.

HFEA: Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority

The UK’s independent regulator which oversees fertility treatment and research, providing impartial advice to the public. The HFEA licenses Fertility Clinics for IVF and other assisted conception. You will find individual clinic success rates on their website.

Infertility Network UK

The leading UK fertility network, offering information and support to anyone affected by fertility. Free membership with enhanced services for an annual £20 fee, including forums, chatrooms, fact sheets, information about NHS funding, online counselling and legal advice, the latest news and research information.

ACe Babes

ACe Babes was launched under the umbrella of Infertility Network UK in October 2010. A campaigning group, it aims to provide a voice for everyone parenting after infertility – whether after assisted conception, IVF or ICSI, after donor eggs or sperm, surrogacy, adoption and fostering – recognising that the journey to parenthood has not been simple. For an anual subscription of £20 there is access to forums, chatrooms, fact sheets and local support groups.


A site run by health professionals. It covers the causes of infertility, investigations and treatment options, including assisted reproductive technologies. Looks at success rates of treatments, provides advice about counselling, helpful addresses as well as a comprehensive list of IVF clinics.

Leeds Assisted Conception Unit Support Group

Offers an online support group for people using the Leeds Assisted Conception Unit, aims to offer a place to share experiences and gain support from others in a similar situation.

Verity Support Group

A support group offering useful information for women with PCO or PCOS. Verity organises conferences, provides a range of booklets and newsletters containing the latest information and research findings in addition to an active discussion board to provide peer support..

Zita West

Comprehensive information about pregnancy and fertility, offering a planned approach for success combining a western and complementary approach. Zita runs a successful clinic in London, has written many books on fertility and has her own premium range of supplements. From September 2011 the clinic now also offers an Assisted Fertility Programme.

General Health + Wellbeing

NHS Direct

Health advice and information service with the ability to check your symptoms online.

BBC Health Website

Provides facts on a range of emotional and physical health issues, including pregnancy and parenting, and advice on health treatment and further support.

Sovereign Health Care

Information about Health Cash Plans. This is a health insurance policy where cash can be claimed back on everyday health care costs including acupuncture as well as dental and optical costs amongst many others.

Mind – for better mental health

Aims to provides high-quality information and advice, and campaigning to promote and protect good mental health for everyone.

Back Pain information

Back pain resource including back pain treatment options, symptoms and much more.

Expert Advice for Treating Headaches

Provides a collection of expert articles about the causes of headaches together with practical advice on how to prevent, treat and manage them. Explores triggers for specific types of headache and suggestions about lifestyle modifications that will may you avoid those triggers in the future and suffer fewer headaches plus alternative treatment options.



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About Kimberley

Kimberley, Acupuncturist and Clinic Director at Life + Lemons, is a registered TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Acupuncturist, passionate about helping women reclaim their feminine edge. After graduating with a First Class Honors in York, she has undertaken specialist training in the area of pain management, natural conception, IVF support, menopause + pelvic pain (endometriosis/dysmenorrhea).